oxalorg's projects

Stuff I’ve made. Opensourced on github: github.com/oxalorg

Static site generators

  • genox - Does not provide an api, or force you to code your logic in a templating language. Instead fork it and hack to make this site generator your own.
  • StabStart blogging with this Simple static site generator. Minimal and very small. Fork it NOW!!
  • dystic - Intuitive static site generator built of dynamic principles. What you see is what you get.


  • Sakura [Project Page] - a minimal classless css theme. Works out of the box without any changes to HTML. Just download and drop it in your website. Done.
  • Vader.css - a classless css theme. JOIN THE DARK SIDE.

Command line tools

  • ghPublish - directly publish your blog posts to GitHub Pages from the command line.
  • smurf - a mini filesystem browser/server which converts markdown files into html on-the-fly.
  • wallPy - a command line wallpaper changer fetching data from custom multireddits using praw api. Filters out NSFW, out-of-ratio, low resolution images and also avoids duplicates by hashing image content.


  • Ninshu - a complete compiler/interpreter for a self made programming language. Lexing, tokenization and parsing is done using PLY. Unleash the way of the shinobi now!


  • Visual A-Star JS[Project Page] - Graphical view of A* search using javascript.
  • BoxWiki - a portable personal wiki solution made using BottlePy
  • WoxWiki - a featured personal wiki solution made using Flask
  • DoxWiki - Django port of WoxWiki
  • phpBlogNinja - Complete blog from scratch with user authentication and registration implementing CRUD for posts and comments using the LAMP stack.
  • WikiSearcher - Dynamically fetch results for search query while taking user input. It uses the wikipedia public API and a minimal javascript framework MithirlJS.


  • audiomark - simple audio watermarking using steganography technique of LSB bit encoding
  • ChatNinja - JavaFX application for multi-user chatting.