Clojurians Log v2 - Open Source Funding


I along with my colleagues over at Gaiwan (the team behind Lambda Island) are largely maintaining the current clojurians-log-app (v1), keep the servers running, and help debug issues (#clojureverse-ops channel).

I started work on a Version 2 of the log to experiment with some of my ideas which didn’t make sense to add in the official app. Slowly I realised that the v2 (standing on top of the great work done in v1) could have significant benefits to the community and continued to work on it.

My mains reasons to do so were:

Thanks to the awesome team over at Clojurists Together, I was able to receive a funding of $2000 USD to work on this project to bring it to MVP and release it. Super thanks to the amazing folks of the clojure community for all their support πŸ₯³ 🌸

Action plan ⚑

I’m writing down a small action plan for the work I intend to do up until December, any feedback / discussion / suggestions / rants are welcome. Let me know if I would be wasting my time on a feature no one would use 🐍 🐌

This is the bare minimum I need to do get an MVP up and running. Like @plexus always says, “Always start with a walking skeleton”, and that’s what I intend to do first.

Walking Skeleton

The walking skeleton πŸ’€πŸ¦΄ would look something like this:

MVP / critical features

Once the walking skeleton is done, the plan is to work on these:

Once this is done the MVP would be ready and we can discuss further from there! 😁 πŸ¦„ πŸ™


Once the above critical features are done, 2 very important features would still be pending to really get this off the ground!

Preliminary screenshot:



Am I missing something really important or obvious? Please feel free to discuss and post your thoughts / feedback / suggestions / rant below, I am super excited to hear them! 😁

I will try to record some videos while building this and upload to my youtube channel if possible.

Also do not shy away from creating issues, or contributing! Issues and PR’s are always welcome 🌸

If you’re as excited about this as I am, please leave a star ⭐ ! It would greatly help in keeping me motivated 🌞

Link to Github repo