Clojurians Log v2 - Alpha Release

👋 Hello fellow clojurians!

It has been around 40 days since I started the work on Clojurians log v2 for this funding cycle and it’s now time for an alpha release.

Without waiting further, the v2 is now live at: ðŸĶ„ 😊

Source code:

PS: it’s not 100% usable on mobile yet, please use a desktop for the time being!

Features added in this release are:

I wanted to ship the minimal possible version first and then iterate over it. And I’m quite happy with this. Looking forward to adding lots more features and polish over the next few months, especially related to text searching!

Please feel free to hop over in #clojureverse-ops channel in clojurians slack to discuss anything related to this project! Thanks.