How about writing daily?

daily life

I’ve always thought of writing something every day. Be it some random crap I want to share, some important event, some good’ol realisation, or just something which I want to document.

I barely use any of the social medias, so I barely share stuff with people. Maybe this is a chance for me to share (rather, learn to share) my life.

I also feel that the mere act of writing something daily, be it about me or not, will change the way I perceive things. It will lead to me taking different decisions. And even if it doesn’t, and my life has remained a constant for too many days in a row, I’ll know that there is something I need to change.

Imagine the life of a caveman, or that of a hunter-gatherer community, I’m sure if they had written blogs, they’d be interesting as hell.

But writing something daily is a little more personal than your average blog post. It’s a window into how I live my life. It’s as good as following (or stalking) me around for the entire day. As long as I don’t discuss any future events, I should be safe from online predators and trolls (although no one actually reads my shit lol).

I’ll start writing daily from today at /ox/life/.

UPDATE 2016-10-27: I’ve decided to take my life blog offline. I didn’t feel comfortable in sharing that.