Why so many blogs?

I’ve created a lot of blogs over the past year and a half. ost of them have been to try and learn programming in a new environment. So regardless of wether I write actual content is irrelevant because the blogs have served their purpose already. Though I do want to produce content, I do want to share it, and I absolutely do want people to read it.

I’ve been experimenting, and testing the waters since quite a while now. It’s time to set things in stone. I need a map and a compass to go about my journey, and this article seems to be exactly that.

All my blogs


y very first domain/website was computableverse.com. I was excited and I started learning just so I could blog about it. I’d say the very act of buying the domain name was the greatest impetus to my thirst for knowledge.

Unfortunately I started mixing a bit of personal content in there and then I lost focus. I wrote a lot of articles but never published them, because at that point I really was writing for myself. I barely even advertised it to my friends or family.

Personal domain

Then I bought miteshshah.com and posted personal stuff there. Soon I started feeling uncomfortable sharing personal thoughts with the world and scrapped the blog. Now it’s just a site so that people can google my name and find me. Also serves very handy for a professional email.

A weird initiative

I’ve always been curious about philosophy, anthropology, and the psycology of how we function. Nothing fancy, just big words and some specific questions which we all wonder about. I wanted to write about them and put it out there in a clear and concise way, so that it could help someone. Also, I wanted to learn django, so I went ahead and created EarthlyHumans.com.

Haven’t posted anything on it yet. Since I’m not even sure what I want to post anymore.

The way of the shinobi, the birth of a rogue

This is when I made oxalorg. This is the epic odyssey of the rouge intergalactic time travelling ninja. I used to imagine a world.. actually this is another story for another time :)

For the wise knows nothing

I started going deeper and deeper into philosophy. It spoke to me strongly. Even though I’ve been distracted lately, I plan on posting my findings, learnings, and thoughts on this new blog OwlOfAthena.com.

So what you doing m8?

I just want to produce great content. And I want to keep doing it. Because that’s the best goddamn way to learn.

So if you’re interested in following my journey through the perils of space and time, follow this epic saga of the one true rogue oxalorg by subscribing HERE.