Why Blog?

Why do I need to blog? It doesn’t make sense, I’m just a regular college going student with nothing worthwile to share (yet).

There are a ton of logical reasons as to why one should be writing about things; but to be honest, it doesn’t matter why I blog as long as I like doing it. The same holds for almost everything I do. I just enjoy doing a particular set of things and I do them. There’s no point in justifying everything in life, it must be the other way around i.e life must be justified by the things you do.

I’ve always thought that writing down stuff I think/believe in would be fun and helpful at the same time; as soon as I realised this, I took the plunge and started writing. Once I started, I just wanted to do more of it because.. well.. it was fun and I enjoyed it. Writing down stuff is an excellent method to practise mindfulness. You start observing the things around you with greater detail. You start realising the importance of your surroundings i.e the tiny yet important things and the obvious yet hidden things.

What I believe is that ‘Blogging’ is a journey, and writing is it’s path. I like the idea of writing and hence I’ve taken up this journey to enjoy what I love doing.