This blog is mine now.

I don’t know how humans behave. But I do know that a majority of the people have happily hopped onto the social media bandwagon. Everyone, even the more recluse and quiet loving people, have fallen prey to the cold stabbing of the technology abusing demon. These thoughts resonate with those of your friends who dissentingly keep reminding us about the evil wrath of social media which has enslaved us. However they do not resonate with me, yet it’s important to know both the sides of a coin.

I, on the other hand, am absolutely appalled by the magic that internet is. Even though having understood the finer intricacies of TCP/IP, it still feels like magic to me. The world however, has taken it for granted. We, collectively, have not only lost the fascination towards magic but have also left our inner child behind by becoming preoccupied with thoughts and activities which, in the grand scheme of things, will turn us into emotional robots.