The Invisible Hellhole

I can do whatever I want. Don’t ever let yourself get fooled again. The brain WILL try to fool you. Why, you may ask? Simply because it doesn’t like expending energy, the path of least resistance, remember?

Decide something. Do it. There is nothing between you and your goal, except for fake excuses created by your brain. Don’t give in to them. Don’t try to rationalize them. I’ve observed them, and every single one of them is nothing but a pile of bullcrap. Nothing good has ever come by even thinking about the myriad of useless reasons your brain tries to justify, just to avoid doing something you want to do at any given moment.

Why do we think that we need breaks every few minutes? Why do we persist in watching TV, playing games, or listening to music every single day, as if it were a necessity without which the human could not survive. Why do we believe everything the society leads us into believing? Break out of these shackles and you will see the hellhole you’ve been anchored in.

Easier said then done eh? This is not something you will be ‘doing’. This is something you will become. Don’t try to do all this. Don’t try to force it onto yourself. Try to be one with it. Try to make it your nature. Undergo an attitude shift. Change your life. Change yourself.