Stop dying

I’ve never been like this, yet I am. I’ve always thought I’ve never cared about what others think is a good life. I’ve known that it is all just an illusion. A grand scheme to distract you enough to stop asking questions; questions which matter. Anyways, I’ve been too obsessed about doing the right things. Making the right choices. Doing things which are more “productive” rather than doing what feels most in tune with my faculty.

It’s a weird place to be in. I no longer want to care about what is the best career move, or what is the best framework to learn. I don’t care whether I’ve studied enough to pass an exam, I don’t care if I’ll be able to make enough money to live a comfortable life. I don’t care if I’m eating the right things. I don’t care if I’m making the right choices. Because when you see death coming, all of this reduces to nothing. It’s worthless. It’s what didn’t matter afterall.

We all advocate for simplicity and minimalism. Everyone wants their homes, environment, and other fancier aesthetics to pe clean and flat. It’s the new cult. Why aren’t we trying to incorporate simplicity into our begins, into our thoughts, and into our actions. Stop projecting it onto your environment, realise it inside. It’s so much more clearer once you think about death and how you’re dying.

The worst part about dying is the fact that you’ve never lived. Death doesn’t give a ratshit about inanimate non-living things. So if you’re not living, you’re already dead.

Hey you hippie! Wait a minute. I am typing this. I am thinking. Therefore I must be living. So piss off. - You, the reader.

Agreed. You’re living and that’s why you die (i.e. the grim reaper does give a ratshit about your soul albeit useless). What matters is do you even realise to the slightest about why you’re living the way you’re living. It’s a tough question, and I have no answer to it. But I intend to find one.

I think I’ve hit a new high of smugness today, or maybe not. Doesn’t matter. I felt this needed to be said.

I’ll try to change a little everyday. Thanks for reading.