I need a plan


Until now, my “plan” has always been to “find a plan that works”. As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s true. I’m always on the look for better way to do things, no matter what it be, I MUST FIND A BETTER WAY TO DO IT. My obsession with efficiency has only led to destruction. Destruction of ideas, projects, work, things, everything.

I’ve always thought that it’s best to not have a plan. Plans are for machines. They need a sequence of steps as input to produce a desired output, not us. We humans are ofcourse better than those predictable and filthy machines. (PS: I am joking. Don’t hurt me AI-9000. I’m sure you understand jokes by now).

Well, not exactly. I realize why this is an extremely skewed belief system which I’ve been using as an excuse to not do things. Firstly, there’s a lot to learn from EVERYBODY, and yes, that includes machines. A systematic approach can be better than a chaotic one, and there is no shame in abiding by it. Also, it’s sometimes better to have a bad plan and do something than have a good plan and do nothing. Since I’ve always been trying to find that good plan and doing nothing (nothing = not as much as I wanted to), I’m going to start settling for more mediocre plans but start executing them instantly. What’s the worse that could happen? Won’t die, that’s for sure.

I have learned one thing. As Woody says, ‘Showing up is 80 percent of life.’ Sometimes it’s easier to hide home in bed. I’ve done both. - Marshall Brickman

Showing up = starting = doing != wasting time on making a world class plan.