Entertainment log [Year:2015]

So, last year I made a gaming log which gave me an idea that I should be logging more things in my life. Specially the things which consume a lot of time.

So I decided to start logging my entertainment routines/habits/schedules in 2015.

I tend to be very peculiar about any kind of long-ongoing-tv-series I watch.. well, because it’s a long time commitment. (but I never just watch for the sake of watching even if something becomes bad midway or after a couple of seasons.. eg: Arrow, Breaking Bad etc.)


Total[games]: 181.9 hrs

TV Shows

Total[tv]: 103.5 hrs

Total: 181.9 + 103.5 = 283.4 hrs

Unfortunately I haven’t tracked movies and animes this year, simply because I saw very few of them.

Frankly, I’m unsure if this is a lot of media consumption or not. It’s approximately 3.2% of the total time in a year, and 4.8% of my awake time (assuming 8 hrs of sleep per day).

I’ll try to reduce this down to somewhere around 150-200ish this year (2016). I’ll also be tracking movies, animes, and books this year.