Clojurians Log v2 - Update #2

Hello fellow clojurians!

The beta release of Clojurians log v2 is live at: 🦄 😊

Source code:

The initial goal we had with clojurians=log-v2 was mostly around improved full text searching. But as we all know the clojurians slack was sponsored for a paid version for the next 1 year (thanks to all who got this done!) which means our direction has to change a little.

Although full text search will be available and working on the v2, we would like to focus more on other parts of the app now and find ways to make the logs more usefull because paid slack already does search very well.

With that said the beta release now had the following work put into it:

I would like to extend immense gratitude to the clojurists-together team and the clojure community for helping us get here.

So what’s next? We do have a near-future roadmap of things which should land in very soon:

After that, there are tons more ideas listed on the repo which should keep us busy throughout the next year! Super humbled and excited to continue working on this 🙏😊

Cheers and Happy New Years everyone 🌟🎄

Mitesh (@oxalorg)