June Tasks [2015]

I'm trying out different ways to track tasks which I want to accomplish, like I stated in Expirements, which has lead to my first try on the matter. It's a [Read more]

Experiments [alpha]

I like experiments. They are fun. They give you data. That data gives you an insight into something which would otherwise be extremely hard to recognise. This is a generic [Read more]

Mushroom Cheese Toast [Recipe]

So I made an awesome mushroom cheese toast the other day and here is how to make it. Beware though, there’s tons of cheeeese and butter in here; not [Read more]

Entertainment log [Year:2014]

I'll be doing yearly (or maybe bi-yearly) logs about my entertainment/media consumption. Making logs is great, more data = more fun :D GamingI've played a lot of games from a [Read more]

Why Blog?

Why do I need to blog? It doesn't make sense, I'm just a regular college going student with nothing worthwile to share (yet). There are a ton of logical reasons [Read more]