Why so many blogs?

I've created a lot of blogs over the past year and a half. ost of them have been to try and learn programming in a new environment. So regardless of [Read more]

To do and to become

The shortness of life is a pain, isn't it? Wish we could live a 1000 years. Hopefully our procrastination wouldn't grow exponentially, or would it? How would I describe myself? [Read more]

Should I stop personal blogging?

I don't write because I want to be a writer. I write because I have something to write. It's simple, the way I see it, and it's almost effective. There [Read more]

Stop dying

I've never been like this, yet I am. I've always thought I've never cared about what others think is a good life. I've known that it is all just an [Read more]

Don't change. Adapt

All of us are constantly changing things. We're changing the things we interact with, we're changing the environment we live in, we're changing our thoughts, we're changing ourselves. In countless [Read more]

It's not about the money

I saw the Shawshank redemption yesterday, and I thought a lot about it. One idea in particular stuck with me. You are your freedom. Let me start with a hypothetical [Read more]

Something changed today

I absolutely don't know what just clicked, but it happened in the past 1 hour. Something, some thought, some 'i-dont-know-what' just happened inside my brain, my body, my soul. I [Read more]

The Invisible Hellhole

I can do whatever I want. Don't ever let yourself get fooled again. The brain WILL try to fool you. Why, you may ask? Simply because it doesn't like expending [Read more]

Eliminate your variables

Every morning, before starting my day, my mind subconsciously makes a small list of things, or as I like to say it variables. They range from insignificant items like 'what [Read more]

You shall not write

To be honest, I am so distracted that I simply don't get the time to do trivial things. Watching out of the balcony for more than a few minutes seems [Read more]

How about writing daily?

I've always thought of writing something every day. Be it some random crap I want to share, some important event, some good'ol realisation, or just something which I want to [Read more]

I need a plan

sigh Until now, my "plan" has always been to "find a plan that works". As ridiculous as that sounds, it's true. I'm always on the look for better way to [Read more]

The fear of writing small

The fear of writing small. The fear of writing less. It's always haunted me. I've always felt like writing something relevant with extreme brevity only to discard it by accusing [Read more]

Finally moved over to Dystic

Damn have I been working since a long time to port this blog over to dystic. This is the first post which I'll be publishing via dystic. I hope it [Read more]

Why I failed at blogging.

People write for several reasons. Fame, wealth, self-satisfaction, passion, entertainment, boredom, depression to name a few among others. But what do I write for? The answer isn't as easy as [Read more]

Exams over. Fun week ahead.

After over 25 days of studying, my 6th sem exams finally came to an end. I'm super excited. I had all these cool ideas during these days which I didn't [Read more]

On doing things

Some things are inherently tough. Some things appear to be, and some things we assume to be tough. But when does something actually become hard? Isn’t the degree of [Read more]

Entertainment log [Year:2015]

So, last year I made a gaming log which gave me an idea that I should be logging more things in my life. Specially the things which consume a lot [Read more]

This is hard.

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. E. L. DoctorowIt's been over 40 days since I last posted here. When I go back and [Read more]