Clojurians Log v2 - Alpha Release

👋  Hello fellow clojurians! It has been around 40 days since I started the work on Clojurians log v2 for this funding cycle and it's now time for an alpha release. [Read more]

Clojurians Log v2 - Open Source Funding

👋I along with my colleagues over at Gaiwan (the team behind Lambda Island) are largely maintaining  the current clojurians-log-app (v1), keep the servers running, and help debug issues (#clojureverse-ops channel) [Read more]

Django vs Flask - Deadlines vs Control

Django vs Flask is mostly about philosophy (batteries included vs barebones), and what you want out of the tools you're using. Flask is a barebones DIY approach. If you know [Read more]

FizzBuzz in Clojure

I've recently started learning Clojure seriously. I've been watching Rich Hickeys talks since almost a year now, and everytime I try to learn another language like "Go" - wise words [Read more]

Python Virtualenv management tips

I work with a lot of Python projects, and managing virtualenvs is extremely critical to my workflow. A lot of people are still using virtualenv commands or python -m venv [Read more]

[WIP] My First Vim Plugin: vim-genox

Lately I have been really enjoying my time with NeoVim. If you directly want to see the repository: oxalorg/vim-genox Check my dotfiles here Using vim over the years, I [Read more]

My Workflow / Tool Setup

It's been a while (maybe never) since I wrote about my workflow setup to share with friends, and also to track how my setup will evolve across the year. HardwareDell [Read more]

Revival of this blog

I've not posted anything on any of my blogs for quite some time. Easiest explanation I have is that I got busy. The real one is that I got lazy. [Read more]

This blog is mine now.

I don't know how humans behave. But I do know that a majority of the people have happily hopped onto the social media bandwagon. Everyone, even the more recluse and [Read more]

Computer science/engineering courses in an indian college

These are the courses I completed (brace yourself): 1st YearApplied Mathematics-IApplied Physics‐IApplied ChemistryEngineering MechanicsBasic ElectricalElectronics EngineeringEnvironmental studiesBasic Workshop Practice‐IApplied Mathematics‐IIApplied Physics‐IIApplied ChemistryEngineering DrawingStructured Programming ApproachCommunication SkillsBasic [Read more]

Banished: My first great town

The beginningI'm abosulutely loving Banished. I'm around 21 hours in total, and I finally reached 150 pop. I always end up doing some crazy shit and die early on, but [Read more]

Loophole for Immortality

PS: This is a recovered version of the original article which I lost somehow So I just read a question of /r/AskReddit: A genie grants you immortality under the [Read more]